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Original Valentino sketch from 1966-67. Sketches, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. One day on our vacation in Rome, we were walking along trying to find the Piazza de Popolo and we stumbled upon the Ara Pacis Museum¬†Valentino exhibit. I scored big time by this accidental discovery. I knew about the exhibit but wasn’t sure how I […]

Palatine Hill My renewed obsession with all things Roman began a month or so before our trip when I discovered the HBO series ROME. I couldn’t wait to see the Forum and the Palatine where all of the business of the Republic took place. I had done a bit of research on Slow Travel for […]

Wednesday, October 3. This was our first full day in Rome. We woke up in the eternal city and first things first we had a cappuccino from the little bar across from the Chiesa Nuova which is a beautiful church by the way before heading off to our first ever visit to the Vatican. We […]

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Rome: October 2 – 7 Ah..Rome. What can I say about this city? Rome is the one city we chose to return to for a second time. Seven years has changed one of us or both to some degree. Our first trip to Rome was also our first trip ever to Europe and it just […]

After a very long flight from Austin to Rome we finally made it to this beautiful place. This photo was taken the first night here from the castel towards the Vatican. Amazing sunsets here. We have walked all over this place and have seen so much. It’s very crowded. Much more than it was our […]