Valentino exhibit, Rome


Original Valentino sketch from 1966-67.

Sketches, originally uploaded by luvmycapn.

One day on our vacation in Rome, we were walking along trying to find the Piazza de Popolo and we stumbled upon the Ara Pacis Museum Valentino exhibit. I scored big time by this accidental discovery. I knew about the exhibit but wasn’t sure how I would convince my husband to agree to go see a bunch of dresses while we were in Rome. Lucky me he couldn’t say no when it was right there in front of us.

Point me. Husband 0.

This was the first place we used the Roma Pass which granted free entrance to the exhibit. The exhibit began with dresses hung up on two walls like an art gallery and instead of paintings there were dresses. Tons of dresses.


Once you passed by the gallery of dresses, the room opened up into a huge light filled space. Dramatic to say the least.

Those people totally wreck this picture. I stood there forever thinking they’d take the hint..but nooooooooo.

Moving on.

Do you see that big white thing behind the dresses? That is the Altar of Peace. Octavian/Augustus/Son of, but not really, Cesar – apparently back then you changed your name at will. Anyway, that is his altar. I had no prior knowledge about this I am embarrassed to admit. To me it was just this big thing getting in the way of the dresses. You can go inside it and there is an exit which I was trying to go through but these women were blocking the way chatting it up so I stepped up on this ledge to go around them not realizing that I was stepping “on” the altar. Security promptly asked me to get down which I was doing anyway. They were cool about it. It wasn’t until later that I even realized what I had done. Hey, there was no “this is an ancient monument so don’t walk on it” sign or anything!

More highlights from the Valentino exhibit.



Jackie O wore this dress and then JLo stole it for the Oscars. 

Julia Robert’s Oscar dress.

Audrey Hepburn wore this gown.

Cameron Diaz’s post J. Timberlake break up dress. I love this dress!




2 Responses to “Valentino exhibit, Rome”

  1. oh I LOVE Valentino! I even forced my husband to take a photo of me outside the Valentino shop av Via Condotti 🙂

  2. you are so lucky. i hope one day you will wear a vintage Valentino at the Oscars xx

    P.S my favourite is Cameron’s and the “ethnic” one in the fourth picture

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