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Backyard tents.





Oh, what fun we had. The MIL and I drove to Round Top for a girls getaway and had the time of our lives. We shopped, we laughed, we nearly had to beat down some Mexicanos. Good times, good times. I took almost 300 photos! I have some serious editing to do. Here is one […]

Read books online for free? Yes, m’am! Check this new link I stumbled upon today. It’s called Read Print. It’s an online library which houses a ton of classic novels. Did I mention that it’s FREE 🙂 I plan to take on Chapter one of a Jane Austen book, Persuasion. So cool. I love Stumble […]

You can buy this at  Two of my friends are newly pregnant. I wish I knew what they were having because this seems like the perfect gift.

I post this for no other reason than it brings a smile to my face. I hope it does the same for you. (No, this isn’t my dog but it does make me think of what he might have looked like as a pup.) Cute, no?

My husband has been a member of the band, Steamroller, since we met forever ago and he just forwarded me the funniest thing ever – members of Steamroller in Simpson like cartoon fashion. So freaking hilarious. Needless to say, besides being an incredible dork, one of the bandmates, Kevin, is a HUGE Simpson fan. But […]