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Snap, snap


I’ve been so busy, people. Taking pictures, editing pictures, trying to get a blog up for my pictures. I’m truly loving it. Last weekend I did my first photoshoot ever with friends of mine who are getting married in June. It was a lot of work but totally worth it. All my life I have […]

New love


I’ve been missing a while. Lost in photography. This one was taken by my friend with my new camera. Editing and styling by me 🙂 Something is wrong with the layout and I’ve no time make the changes. We are heading off to Mexico in the morning! xo

Home made.


My husband asked me to post this photo. He painted this himself and asked that I post it on my blog  incase any other people (ie dorks) are looking to customize their guitar hero controls. This is modeled after Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. He worked on this for about 3 days.

Headed my way!


So Idol has found a new way to humiliate it’s contestants. Tonight on the results show, we learned the new rule that was highly anticipated (not) and touted by Seacrest to completely change the way we vote. Introducing the new “Save” vote. If you happen to be one of the unlucky America votes off, you […]

Camera ready.


For the past month, I’ve been doing tons of research on DSLR cameras and I’ve finally settled on the one I want. I haven’t purchased it yet so I’ll hold off on posting a photo until it’s in my hot little hands but I did buy a camera bag today. Yes, I realize it is […]

Wish list.


Isn’t this clutch by DrikaB adorable? This is a great buy for only $30.00. Now that I will soon be employed maybe I’ll treat myself to a little present. Recently, I remembered that I snatched my grandmother’s Polaroid Land Camera Square Shooter 2 and I would love to see if it still works. The one […]

I bought a grown up dress today. You know, the kind that doesn’t come from the Juniors department. As I looked at myself in the mirror seeing my almost 35-year-old self staring back I contemplated the purchase. Do I really want this? Do I need it? Yea, I need it. I need something professional in case that […]

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about making this pie after receiving the recipe from Ms. Paltrow via her GOOP newsletter. It turned out quite nicely although not exactly the same color as the one from GooP. The key is to let the pie thaw out some before serving.      

Besides being gainfully employed, I have a number of personal goals I hope to work towards. Here are a few: Improve my web site building knowledge Learn how to use photoshop (I need to get this very pricey program first) Improve my photography skills (hopefully on an SLR – something else I need to acquire) […]