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I just learned about the updating of the Sweet Valley High series of books. I used to devour  SVH in junior high. I remember finishing a book in hours wondering what would happen to Jessica and Bruce in the next installment and running to the mall bookstore (yeah they used to be in malls – […]

Read books online for free? Yes, m’am! Check this new link I stumbled upon today. It’s called Read Print. It’s an online library which houses a ton of classic novels. Did I mention that it’s FREE 🙂 I plan to take on Chapter one of a Jane Austen book, Persuasion. So cool. I love Stumble […]

I have kept a recent promise to myself to read more and I am enjoying very much keeping this promise as I’m sure it’s calmed me a little and nothing like a good book to help you go to sleep. Not to mention, I’m certain it’s doing wonders for my vocabulary. At least I have […]