First Day in Rome, view from Castle St Angelo of St Peters


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After a very long flight from Austin to Rome we finally made it to this beautiful place. This photo was taken the first night here from the castel towards the Vatican. Amazing sunsets here. We have walked all over this place and have seen so much. It’s very crowded. Much more than it was our first visit. The people….not as friendly as I remember which is disappointing. Not all bad but certainly isn’t the same place we visited 7 years ago. The exchange rate is really hitting us. I just checked my bank account and saw that the 250€ I pulsed out of the ATM to help pay for our hotel actually cost me $357US! That is insane. It’s hard not to think about and worry. There just wont be as many souvenirs or gifts to bring back.

We are off to Amalfi on Sunday.


2 Responses to “First Day in Rome, view from Castle St Angelo of St Peters”

  1. Enjoy bella Italia!!!

  2. you are so close!
    enjoy yourself. i know the dollar is weak right now. maybe credit cards are better? i’ve no idea.
    Don’t think about souvenirs, bring back photos!

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