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Mexico bound!


My heart is smiling. We are going to Mexico in April for a much needed vacation. Location: Cancun Hopefully we can find something like this to chill out in while on the beach. If anyone has been recently, send me your tips of places to go, things to do. Despite spending a week in the […]

  As some of you may know, I’m heading to NYC in May with my mom. I’m so excited to tell you I just purchased tickets to the Roundabout Theatre’s broadway production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, starring Laura Linney! Whoo hoo! I can not wait. My mom is taking us to see Mamma Mia (her […]

Oh, what fun we had. The MIL and I drove to Round Top for a girls getaway and had the time of our lives. We shopped, we laughed, we nearly had to beat down some Mexicanos. Good times, good times. I took almost 300 photos! I have some serious editing to do. Here is one […]

My husband and I have a timeshare and have the ability to find you resorts to stay in for one week all over the world. There is always something available on the beach in Mexico. Other destinations could be available. If I know the dates you can travel, I can find out. Of course, the more flexible […]

Travel Candy


I’m a planner by nature. If I could always be planning my next travel adventure, I would be utterly satisfied. Until I become independently wealthy, I’ll have to be satisfied with being a virtual click away. When I began this blog, I had a travel theme in mind. I always knew it would be a […]

Palatine Hill My renewed obsession with all things Roman began a month or so before our trip when I discovered the HBO series ROME. I couldn’t wait to see the Forum and the Palatine where all of the business of the Republic took place. I had done a bit of research on Slow Travel for […]

Rome review


Rome: October 2 – 7 Ah..Rome. What can I say about this city? Rome is the one city we chose to return to for a second time. Seven years has changed one of us or both to some degree. Our first trip to Rome was also our first trip ever to Europe and it just […]

After a very long flight from Austin to Rome we finally made it to this beautiful place. This photo was taken the first night here from the castel towards the Vatican. Amazing sunsets here. We have walked all over this place and have seen so much. It’s very crowded. Much more than it was our […]

I can hardly believe our trip to Italy is so near. This photo I found on the Slow Travel web site was taken by B&J from Nebraska on my birthday, Nov. 21, 2006. It seems almost poetic that this beautiful photo I stumbled upon was taken on my birthday last year. She calls it the […]

I realize I haven’t posted much on travel lately. There are days when I see my blog’s lack of travel related posts and I start to feel guilty as if I’ve let somebody down. I feel like an imposter 😉 I guess I shouldn’t put much thought into all this as it is just a […]