Relaxed weddings.

Wedding bounce

Wedding bounce

Photo: Inked bride

A good friend of mine is getting married in June and she and her fiancee have decided to do a low-key, relaxed backyard wedding. I love that they are doing something so casual and keeping it small – only family and I’m sure a few close friends will be present. They came over to watch the Superbowl and she mentioned she needed a photographer for the wedding but they didn’t want to hire anyone expensive. Ironically, I had been tossing the idea around of doing an engagement session for them as a wedding present. I’m seriously going to hone my photog skills and I thought what better a way? I presented my case and she asked if I would take her wedding pics. Of course I said yes with a good dose of trepidation. Any wedding coordinator worth their salt will tell you if you are going to cut corners don’t do it in the photo area. It’s the only record you’ll have of the day besides the pictures you take in your mind. There were lots of “are you sure” moments but they seem to be settled and promised not to kill me if I miss the kiss your bride moment and what not, so I’m going to be their wedding photographer! I’m so excited. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Luckily I live next door to a real photographer and hopefully she’ll give me some tips. Anywho, I’m looking at wedding sites to get ideas and such and found this fantastic photo via Offbeat Bride. I’ve never heard of a moon bounce at a wedding but I absolutely love the idea. Don’t you?

5 Responses to “Relaxed weddings.”

  1. oh how great!!!! I’m excited for you… You know what’s funny, is that we had one of these exact same castle bounce-houses at our rehearsal dinner 🙂

  2. Very awesome! You will have so much fun. We hired a low key photographer for our wedding (nothing too expensive) and the photos came out great. One of my favorite pics is actually of my feet!

  3. 3 Mike

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  4. hey I was re-reading some of my old blog posts, found a comment from you which lead me back to this old blog of yours. And so I found this post.
    Can you believe that this was only 1,5 years ago? Look at you now!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I know! It’s crazy.

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