My favorite day in Rome.


Palatine Hill

My renewed obsession with all things Roman began a month or so before our trip when I discovered the HBO series ROME. I couldn’t wait to see the Forum and the Palatine where all of the business of the Republic took place. I had done a bit of research on Slow Travel for tour companies and had originally settled on Context Travel, a bit pricey but it sounded just like the tour I was looking for on the Roman Forum. I waited too long to book our tour and they were full but the kindly referred me to Through Eternity tours. This was the only company they would recommend so I phoned them up while we were in Rome and they had a spot for us for their Saturday morning tour. Perfect! It was going to cost us 27Euro per person and we were told to meet in front of the entrance to the Palatine Hill  just beyond the Arch of Constantine. You can buy your ticket to the Collosseum here. This ticket allows you entrance to the Palatine, Forum and the Collosseum. It will also allow you to bypass the long line to purchase your ticket at the Collosseum. Use your Roma Pass here for sure! The cost is 13Euro (I think). The tour with Through Eternity was fantastic.  Grace Lyn was our guide and I can’t recommend her enough. The group was kept small, approx. 7 people. She took us through the Colosseum and the Forum. She also recommended the restuarant, Giggetto, located right next the ancient fish market in the Jewish Ghetto. This was one of our favorite restuarants. Expensive but worth the money.

Self portrait.


I'm just a tad happy to be here.


The Palatine.


Is this not the most beautiful tree you have ever seen?


The Vestile Virgins Garden



4 Responses to “My favorite day in Rome.”

  1. these photos are captivating. i can’t believe i live so close to Rome and have never visited.
    You look soooo happy! xx

  2. 2 kikiluv

    Girl, that is pretty pathetic ;-P

  3. Hi! I found your blog after someone linked to mine from here! Thanks for mentioning me…I’ve been enjoying catching up on your posts. These photos are great and your writing entertaining! If you ever visit Firenze – definitely let me know!

  4. 4 kikiluv

    Hi Erin.
    Thanks for leaving me a message!
    I love Florence. You are soooooooo lucky to live there. And OF COURSE, if we are so lucky to go to Florence while you still live there, you better believe we will call ya!

    Merry Christmas.

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