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Last night we went to the Adele concert at La Zona Rosa. She was amazing. This is a new song she hasn’t even finished writing yet but it’s so’s one of those songs that had I heard this as a young girl, I’d probably have played it to death while I pined over some […]

Tim Gunn of Project Runway was in town tonight promoting the new Liz Claireborne line, his book, the show and just Tim. I lucked out and got a free seat at the event tonight held at Dillards. Tim was so deliteful just like you would expect him to be. There doesn’t appear to be a […]

Good news abides! The Austin City Limits festival line up was just released. To say a few of my favs will be playing is an understatement. I’m sooo happy about Tegan & Sara, Foo Fighters, Erykah Badu, Beck, The Raconteurs and G Love to name just a few. I almost forgot The Swell Season!! the sweet […]


Taken by Anne, on Guadalupe.

March Madness


And no, I’m not talking about the current NCAA Basketball tournament going on right now. Although, I would like to give a shout out to my boys, the Texas Longhorns, who thoroughly kicked Standford’s butt last night. Sweet jesus. Love my ‘horns. Onto the Elite 8 or as some dumbass announcer on CBS called it […]

Live at Emo’s, Austin, Texas.