My pets

Pet #1They deserve their own page, right? We like to say we have the two best pets in the world. Both were rescues. The cat, aka Pet #1, was found fighting for her life amongst the neighborhood bullies (cats). I actually didn’t want to keep her at first but she sort of chose me out of the other two roommates. Fondest memory: coming home everyday from college, yelling her name at the back door and the resulting bounding cutie pie that would head my way. Best cat ever.

Ok, pet #2, the dog. The Huskey. The hairy boy. Love this dog. Hairy Boy originates from Houston, folks. Yes, he’s what the Bush administration would call a Refugee. As you may know, B, plays in a band and one late night while packing up his drums there sat HB. The bandmates said, “Well, B, you’ve been saying you want a dog. There he is.” And the rest is history. A phone call at 4am and a few hours later, HB was home. When B called to say he was bringing a dog home, I didn’t expect what came through the door. I suppose when I pictured “dog” I pictured something small and puppyish. Instead, I got a full grown hairy boy with heart worms we later found out. So, $500 later and minus some heart worms, we have the best dog in the world. And yes, still quite hairy.Hairy Boy

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