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Last night we went to the Adele concert at La Zona Rosa. She was amazing. This is a new song she hasn’t even finished writing yet but it’s so’s one of those songs that had I heard this as a young girl, I’d probably have played it to death while I pined over some […]

Live at Emo’s, Austin, Texas.



I just finished watching this movie. It’s so beautiful and simple.

Last night B & I went to see T&S. It was FANTASTIC. If you haven’t heard their music, you have got to check it out. It’s catchy and original all at the same time. They were better live than even on cd. You can see someone else’s photos from the show on flickr. My camera […]

Tegan and Sara


Just bought our tickets to see T&S this morning! Woo hoo! This Canadian sister duo will be in Austin on November 7, at Stubb’s.

I had forgotten how big a part the band, The Police, played in my life growing up. I loved The Police especially in high school and would drool over Sting in that Wrapped Around Your Finger video that played incessantly on MTV. The band, despite the lame Dallas audience, rocked liked I’m sure they did […]