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Snap, snap


I’ve been so busy, people. Taking pictures, editing pictures, trying to get a blog up for my pictures. I’m truly loving it. Last weekend I did my first photoshoot ever with friends of mine who are getting married in June. It was a lot of work but totally worth it. All my life I have been searching wishing for a way of life that makes me happy. And pays the bills. Who knows…Maybe this it.

Here is a sneak peak at one of my favs.

Lauren and Alexander

Lauren and Alexander

doll face

doll face

My sweet little friend sits in the back of my husband’s cargo net in the Tahoe. Kids can play anywhere! I just love her to pieces.

New love


I’ve been missing a while. Lost in photography. This one was taken by my friend with my new camera. Editing and styling by me 🙂

Something is wrong with the layout and I’ve no time make the changes. We are heading off to Mexico in the morning!


Home made.

Guitar Hero by husband

Guitar Hero by husband

My husband asked me to post this photo. He painted this himself and asked that I post it on my blog  incase any other people (ie dorks) are looking to customize their guitar hero controls. This is modeled after Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. He worked on this for about 3 days.

Headed my way!

The Nikon D90, baby!

The Nikon D90, baby!


Last night we went to the Adele concert at La Zona Rosa. She was amazing. This is a new song she hasn’t even finished writing yet but it’s so beautiful..it’s one of those songs that had I heard this as a young girl, I’d probably have played it to death while I pined over some boy who broke my heart.