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Secret passages


secret passages, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. Secret Passages – Amalfi You find these crazy passage ways under the city. It truly feels like you are stepping back in time. Imagine if one of these passages lead you to this: Because one does but I’m not telling :p Yeah, those are french fries. And yeah, it […]

The perfect place to lay your head in Amalfi. our sweet balcony, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. Our sweet balcony. Ahhhh. How I wish I was sitting there right now. Our stay at the Residenza del Duca was absolutely perfect. I miss being here. The warmest family run b&b. Daniela, Andrea and Gerato – a father […]

I can’t believe we’ll be here in October. I can only fantasize that it will be as beautiful in person..I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment. I found this photo on the link above. Whoever took these photos has an exceptional eye. I hope the pictures I come back with are even half as […]