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Or possibly the lamest. Every morning I watch the show It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet with dog trainer Victoria Stillwell. I love her. She does wonders with these badly behaving pets. To be honest, it’s really the owners who need most of the training. Set in England, the show offers a glimpse […]

sam pink, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. I know I dropped the ball last weekend so here is an extra pretty in pink version for you. And yes, that is a Christmas Tree in the flower box and yes it’s almost February. The really embarrasing truth is the tree has been there since last Christmas.

Even though it’s done nothing but rain for weeks, the skies cleared up long enough for the city to put on its annual firework show. We decided at the last minute to go downtown with our dog, Smokey, to catch the show. As you can see Smokey was having a blast! I hope everybody had […]