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House ideas.


Image: Glenn Koenig for the LAT. Hoping to take on some serious house remodeling in the not so distant future (fingers crossed), I’m reviving my collection of photo ideas for consideration. I’m in love with walls of windows and would kill for something like this for our own home. I am digging the floor color […]

I love this kitchen. You can find similar countertops at Ikea. See photo I took at our local store: They are really cheap because they are laminates but I worry that they look cheap or may not last. I definitely want a sink like this one: Before we can do any of the big stuff […]

loving this


Respectfully ripped from Door16. Our backyard is larger than this space and I might want more grass than is pictured here but the general idea is nice. I absolutely love the table and chairs in the lower left corner.

I hope it’s soon. We’ve lived at our little humble abode for 8 years or so and we’ve not done much to improve it except for install central air conditioning. That we did straight away because who could dream of living without it in this Texas heat. That’s where the updates end. The end. Still […]