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Venice. Beautiful and mysterious, full of winding streets with hidden pasts. Joanna over at A CUP OF JO posted on behalf of her dad seeking recommendations for places to stay in this great city. After leaving her my two cents, I realized that I never posted about Venice here. I managed to post on Rome […]

Thanks to Annika for introducing me to this cool flickr toy site which has provided tons of fun on this lazy Saturday afternoon. As you know, I recently returned from a trip with my Mom to NYC. I had the fortune to see my best friend, Erin. She moved almost two years ago to the city to […]

My creation.


I found this meme at Dove mi porta il cuore, and not only did I think it sounded like fun, I also figured that it would help those who are just as visually oriented as myself to get to know me better. (This is verbatim what Annika said on her blog but it was just […]