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Mexico bound!


My heart is smiling. We are going to Mexico in April for a much needed vacation. Location: Cancun Hopefully we can find something like this to chill out in while on the beach. If anyone has been recently, send me your tips of places to go, things to do. Despite spending a week in the […]

My husband and I have a timeshare and have the ability to find you resorts to stay in for one week all over the world. There is always something available on the beach in Mexico. Other destinations could be available. If I know the dates you can travel, I can find out. Of course, the more flexible […]



La Ropa Beach sunset below; Patz church (left) view from Il Mare restaurant/zihua above Patz funeral; garden of church to the left; palms on La Barra de Postosi beach to right of garden photo. Pastries in Patz. Hotel in Patz below (pink) Hotel statue above. “Pet” shop in cute. More La Barra below; another […]

Trip to PatzcuaroThursday morning (June 14, 2007) we took a cab from our hotel to the Parkhuni bus station located next door to Estrella de Oro. We purchased our tickets the day before as recommended by Pedro of Casa de Café fame. Luckily our concierge, Antonio told us about the Parkhuni line option in case […]

Arrived on Sunday, June 10, 2007 for our first time to Zihuatanejo. Got off the plane and it was the easiest trip through customs I’ve ever had. I think it took 2 minutes.Based on advice from the msg board we started looking for the taxis outside the gates of the airport. Along the way, a […]

We just returned from Zihua!! Here is my first photo for the blog taken from the Kau Kan restuarant on our first night. Dinner was great and as you can see the view amazing. It was so hot. Kind of like a sauna. We still had a fantastic time. More to come..

My mexican adventure can’t come soon enough. Not much longer to go, thank goodness! Here’s a photo of the view from the hotel we’ll be staying at in Zihua.

Mexico trip


Well, this looks different. It’s been a terrifically long time since I’ve updated my blog. In fact, I couldn’t even remember by user name or password. Thank goodness someone else stored that info for me. So here I am again. I’m in trip planning mode lately. Heading to Mexico soon. Zihuatanejo this time. It will […]