Mexico bound!


My heart is smiling. We are going to Mexico in April for a much needed vacation.

Cabana on the beach

Cabana on the beach

Location: Cancun

Hopefully we can find something like this to chill out in while on the beach. If anyone has been recently, send me your tips of places to go, things to do.

Despite spending a week in the Yucatan almost ten years ago we’ve never actually been to to Cancun unless you count the time we spent in the airport. Normally I would not choose Cancun because we prefer less touristy localtions but we wanted to go some where different and this seemed like an easy choice. Besides the water is so pretty in this part of Mexico. We are on the adventurous side so we’ll definitely rent a car and go exploring. I’m sure we’ll find something to love about Cancun.

There is nothing quite like travel to give you something to look forward to.


6 Responses to “Mexico bound!”

  1. Yiva vacacion!
    I enjoyed Cancun. The white sands and beautiful blue ocean was wonderful.
    We got balloon hats at Senior Frogs, went parasailing, took a trip to Tulum, which was a beautiful Mayan ruin right on the coast. We toured it and then walked down the steps and took a dip in the ocean.
    We also went to Xel Ha (shell ha) to go snorkeling.
    We also took the autobus into town to the Mercado for a little shopping.
    Another trip into the city brought us to La Pariila – a fun restaurant where the waiters carried margaritas on their heads and whipped up some flaming deserts

    I’ve also heard that taking the ferry over to Isla Mujeres is fun. Our friends went over there for the day and rented scooters.

  2. Hey L,

    We’ve actually been to Tulum and Xel-ha which are both amazing. I think we may head to Isla Mujeres or another island perhaps. We’re also thinking of hitting up Xel-ha again and Xcaret. Depending on time, we might check out Merida or Chitzeh Nitza (sp?).

    You guys need to come with us some time!


  3. We stayed at Oasis. It was nice…but we really didn’t pick it out. I went with my friend holly and we found this deal for $500 all inclusive (including air). The catch? We didn’t know what hotel we were going to stay at until a week ahead of time. It was actually really nice. I guess we lucked out.

  4. Also…hux and are are planning a trip to France in the fall. We were thinking about going to Paris and then possibly taking the train down to Nice.

    • Wow. You are going to have so much fun. Prices to Europe on super cheap right now. I can’t wait to hear more about your plans.

  5. Hi,
    You really will enjoy your trip. Mexico is amazing and Cancun and Riviera Maya have a lot of surprises for visitors. I’m telling you the same thing that I tell to my customer who take Cancun and Riviera Maya. Thank you.

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