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Home made.


My husband asked me to post this photo. He painted this himself and asked that I post it on my blog  incase any other people (ie dorks) are looking to customize their guitar hero controls. This is modeled after Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. He worked on this for about 3 days.

Headed my way!



Last night we went to the Adele concert at La Zona Rosa. She was amazing. This is a new song she hasn’t even finished writing yet but it’s so’s one of those songs that had I heard this as a young girl, I’d probably have played it to death while I pined over some […]

Thanks Mom!


My Mom is in town for the weekend and she forgot all her tops for the trip and so she needed to buy a couple of things to wear while she is town. Turns out it was my lucky day. Check out the gorgeous dress she bought for me at Dillards. It was on sale. […]

Inspire me.


So Idol has found a new way to humiliate it’s contestants. Tonight on the results show, we learned the new rule that was highly anticipated (not) and touted by Seacrest to completely change the way we vote. Introducing the new “Save” vote. If you happen to be one of the unlucky America votes off, you […]

Camera ready.


For the past month, I’ve been doing tons of research on DSLR cameras and I’ve finally settled on the one I want. I haven’t purchased it yet so I’ll hold off on posting a photo until it’s in my hot little hands but I did buy a camera bag today. Yes, I realize it is […]

Mexico bound!


My heart is smiling. We are going to Mexico in April for a much needed vacation. Location: Cancun Hopefully we can find something like this to chill out in while on the beach. If anyone has been recently, send me your tips of places to go, things to do. Despite spending a week in the […]

House ideas.


Image: Glenn Koenig for the LAT. Hoping to take on some serious house remodeling in the not so distant future (fingers crossed), I’m reviving my collection of photo ideas for consideration. I’m in love with walls of windows and would kill for something like this for our own home. I am digging the floor color […]

The new home collection for H&M has arrived. Too bad the line is only available in European countries.