Wish list.

DrikaB clutch via Etsy

DrikaB clutch via Etsy

Isn’t this clutch by DrikaB adorable? This is a great buy for only $30.00. Now that I will soon be employed maybe I’ll treat myself to a little present.

Polaroid Square Shooter 2

Polaroid Square Shooter 2

Recently, I remembered that I snatched my grandmother’s Polaroid Land Camera Square Shooter 2 and I would love to see if it still works. The one thing I’m missing? Film. Wouldn’t you know that the series 88 film needed is no longer available as is the case for most instant film.  I did read that a company called Impossible b.v. has plans to start producing a modern version of the film to be available for vintage cameras like mine. You can support this cause by visiting the website here. If by chance you run across any film, let me know!

Series 88 film

Series 88 film


3 Responses to “Wish list.”

  1. i KNOW!!! doesn’t it suck that you can’t get film anymore…some of my friends find it on ebay every now and then.

  2. Love this purse!

  3. 3 kikiluv

    E- I found some film on ebay but haven’t purchased it. Maybe after some time on the new job.

    L – I immediately thought of you when I saw this purse.

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