Time to grow up.


I bought a grown up dress today. You know, the kind that doesn’t come from the Juniors department. As I looked at myself in the mirror seeing my almost 35-year-old self staring back I contemplated the purchase.

Do I really want this? Do I need it? Yea, I need it. I need something professional in case that illusive job finds me. God, it makes me look old. Ok, not old but older.  I almost put it back on the rack. I’ve never wanted to be a “suit” or work in a job where I had to dress like I was attending a funeral. The black one definitely screamed funeral. So I bought it in green.  To make myself feel better I bought another dress from the Juniors department. Hey, it was on sale. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


One Response to “Time to grow up.”

  1. oh oh…photos please 🙂

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