The employment search continues.


I honestly never thought I would see myself in this situation. I’ve always felt highly employable with a great work history yet, I am still jobless. The job hunt is a lonely and fretful one but I keep on keeping on. A friend suggested yesterday that maybe it’s like finding a boyfriend when you aren’t looking and suggested I just wait for a job to land magically in my lap. Ha. I wish! 

With more and more jobs being cut daily, I know that I’m not alone. All I have to do is read the tweets on twitter. They are full of stories similar to mine. With the holidays quickly nearing, it makes it an even tougher time. Christmas will be a much leaner one this year. I’m just thankful we don’t have kids because that would be heartbreaking to deny a child of their Christmas. 

I wanted to give a shout out to a dear friend who made such a generous offer to help fly me up for a NYC visit which is one of my all time favorite places on earth. I wish I could go but it just isn’t possible fanancially. One day soon though…



2 Responses to “The employment search continues.”

  1. oh i so understand…hang in there. your first paragraph reminded me of the part on under the tuscan sun “ladybugs, catherine…lots and lots of ladybugs”

  2. 2 Michael

    One thing I noticed among a lot of the “unemployed” bloggers was that a lot of them started out very diligently posting various lamentations, almost diary style, to their blogs and then vanished. It makes me think that its because they found jobs relatively quickly, and relating to your first paragraph, possibly if you stay super busy and happy through your unemployment, leaving little time to be discouraged about not having a job, one will fall in your lap! Maybe there is something to that. Good luck!

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