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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about making this pie after receiving the recipe from Ms. Paltrow via her GOOP newsletter. It turned out quite nicely although not exactly the same color as the one from GooP. The key is to let the pie thaw out some before serving.       Advertisements

Besides being gainfully employed, I have a number of personal goals I hope to work towards. Here are a few: Improve my web site building knowledge Learn how to use photoshop (I need to get this very pricey program first) Improve my photography skills (hopefully on an SLR – something else I need to acquire) […]

I honestly never thought I would see myself in this situation. I’ve always felt highly employable with a great work history yet, I am still jobless. The job hunt is a lonely and fretful one but I keep on keeping on. A friend suggested yesterday that maybe it’s like finding a boyfriend when you aren’t […]