ANTM Cycle 11 Winner










Cycle 11 winner: McKey


ANTM runner up: Samantha


Cycle 11 borefest.

This season finale was so lame. Don’t get me wrong, the right winner was chosen with McKey but the competition was pretty awful. McKey was definitely the most modelesque of the group. Poor Samantha’s runway was just bloody terrible not that McKey who’s lips were in full on Olsen twin’s pout mode was much better. I will admit that Sam’s goofy ass was quite entertaining and her Kate Moss-like black and white photo was one of my favorites for the entire season.

I am convinced that ANTM producers are torture specialists in their free time. What the hell was Jay Manuel thinking with that ridiculous pink runway? Seriously. They had to run up a hill in heels. They looked like idiots. You just know that Jay was sitting backstage laughing his ass off while watching the montior. 

It’s too bad Annaleigh didn’t have a chance in the finale. She would have rocked the runway and actually given McKey some competition. What happened to her in the commercial? She choked, that’s what! So unfortunate as she had the most natural acting chops out of all the girls.

They should have brought back Sheena for fun. I ❤ Sheena.


2 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11 Winner”

  1. I liked Sheena too- but I kinda knew deep down that she wouldn’t win…

  2. analihg ella deveria aver ganado era la mas linda las otras eran mas viejas

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