My path to domestic goddess-ness.


Future cakes.

Yummy goodness

Yummy goodness

Divine intervention in the form of a cake.

My blogger pal, Annika, asked for a cake recipie to make herself for her birthday and I easily found this via Epicurious. It’s a Meyer Lemon Cake with Lavender Cream. Oh yeah! The last cake I made was for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. The cake was from a box mix and the icing was pre-made too. Icing a cake is not as easy as it should be let me tell ya.


Made by me. No laughing.

Made by me. No laughing.

It turned out pretty well despite my never icing a cake like this before. I used two 8″ round pans and then sliced the tops off in order to stack them with icing between the layers. Getting the layers even is the key. Mine turned out a bit lop-sided. Getting the icing to come out smoothly is the hardest part. A web site told me to use a sheet of wax paper to smooth the icing out (placing the paper on top of the icing and smoothing it out with your hand) which seemed like a good idea at the time – that is, until you remove the wax paper and half the icing with it. Stupid suggestion. It was a good thing that I bought two containers of icing just incase I did something stupid like putting wax paper on the icing. The bottom line: it tasted great thanks to Betty Crocker, my grandmother loved her cake!


My grandmother and her cake. Did I say the icing was the hardest part? Scratch that - it's the decorating!

My grandmother & her cake. Did I mention how difficult decorating the cake is?


One Response to “My path to domestic goddess-ness.”

  1. lemon and lavender?!?! Sounds delicious, no matter how the icing turned out 😉

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