Beauty in the breakdown.


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I’m reading a lot of posts on other blogs about Summer’s last days and Fall being just around the corner and I suppose technically it is but here, in the hottest state, Fall is just something that you can blink and miss. What I would give to feel the cool Fall temperatures instead of consecutive 100+* for another two months. It would be so cool to live some place with four distinct seasons.

Do you ever hit the Publish button and then feel like you’ve not really said anything? That happened to me with this post and it happens more often than not. I try not to feel obligated to post because when you feel obligated to do something you often do it half ass. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I hesitate to relinquish the details of what I’ve been doing or notdoing in my case. I quit my job. My boss was crazy like a wolf and well, life is too short. I’ve been living la vida sonnolento and loving every second. The day after I gave notice I surprised my grandmother with a visit. It was so good to spend time with her for a few days just the two of us. She’ll be 80 on September 1. My days have been spent sleeping in and staying up late reading stories about vampires, meeting friends for lunch and hitting the gym once or twice. Basically I’m doing whatever I can to avoid feeling the pressure of finding a job NOW. Maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. It can’t hurt.

There. Now I feel a little better. Hitting the publish button now.


2 Responses to “Beauty in the breakdown.”

  1. brava for doing what you want to do (or not doing what you don’t want to do :)) Something will makes its way to you…so just enjoy your days for now!

  2. i’ve thought about this thing too. not having really said anything. and i have concluded that it does not matter so much. sometimes you just want to communicate and say ‘hi i am still here’ and not spill your guts out or say anything too personal. other times you are in a confessional mode. I think both are okay, as long as we tell ourselves the truth, sooner or later we’ll tell it to others too. xx

    p.s noone should have to put up with crazy bosses. life is too short for hysteria. x

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