So I think I’m a dork.


Ok, I know I’m a dork.

So You Think You Can Dance Spoiler alert!!!


The winner of SYTYCD was announced tonight and I am so happy to say Joshua from Texas won!! Go Texas, baby 🙂 Tonight it was down to two street dancers who went up against trained dancers and beat them all. Twitch and Joshua were the final two men standing eliminating Katie with the third most votes. Katie was incredible and definitely the best girl out of the group. She was awarded $50,000 as the top girl – a new twist to the show’s usual solo prize to one dancer. So good for her because she deserved it.

The finale was jam packed with exciting routines from the season selected by the judges as their favorites. It was great to see the No Air dance again by Katie & Joshua choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon (love them) and the Bleeding Love routine with Mark & Chelsea. There were plenty of surprises including both Mary Murphy & Nigel Lythgoe showing their stuff in their own individual numbers but the best surprise was the “best of” SYTYCD bringing back some of the favorite dances from all of the seasons. I didn’t catch on to the show until after its first season but it has become one of my favorite things to watch on tv. I get pretty wrapped up in it and it has brought tears to my eyes many times. There is something about the honesty and abandon that these dancers leave on the floor that touches me deeply. We all should be so moved in life and live for what we love and love what we live for.

4 Real.


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