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Loving this


and this.. Resort collections by Alexander Wang and Jenni Kayne. Fabulous. Is it crazy to want to be surrounded by beautiful clothes all day? Sigh.


my new layout


It’s called Unsleepable which is quite fitting as I am a terrible sleeper. The only part I wish I could change is getting it to display the tag line. Oh well. I like the simplicity of the theme. I’m really into minimalism right now..going back to my roots I guess. Most of my wardrobe is […]

Emma’s style.


This girl from Stockholm is so cute. She has great style (thought at times a bit young for me) but still gets it right more times than not. There are also some great photos on her blog as well. I only wish I knew what she was talking about.

0096 Originally uploaded by emiliebjork this awesome pic was taken by emiliebjork and she used a plastic bag over the lense. gorgeous.

Bubble Fantasy I Originally uploaded by Huen * How fantastic is this photo I found on flickr. By Huen*

For E.


photo taken by me in Brooklyn DUMBO area. miss you!