Just to make it official, I turned in my notice at work this week. After almost eight years with the same company, I’m taking a huge leap and becoming an independent advertising rep for a local magazine. I’ll be working from home which is another big change for me. No more “Good mornings” and “What are you doing this weekend” from your cube mate. I’m excited about the possibilities and I’m hopeful this will be a good decision. Why does change have to come with that heavy feeling of “what if this is a mistake”?

I will be setting up my home office in the next two weeks. It will be a while before I completely update to a new desk or computer. I feel like I should be cautious in case it doesn’t work out or I hate it or something unforseen happens within the first couple of months. Wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of expensive equipment on my hands. But I do dream of the perfect home office! Speaking of…we received the new Pottery Barn magazine the other day and wouldn’t you know it has just the thing for me.

Except for the chair this is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the chair is fantastic to look at but I can’t imagine actually sitting in it to do work. I love, love, love the orange file cabinet.

The bright colors here are so cheery and would great against the stark white desk. This is the one thing I can afford right now 🙂  The desk will have to wait.

How cute is this chair? Practical? Not in the least but so perfectly pink. I found this on craigslist but they want too much – $189.00.

If you know of any affordable yet stylish options, I welcome you to send me the links!




8 Responses to “New.”

  1. I’m Swedish and so I am biased, but check out Ikea – they have that cabinet but not in orange, and they have pretty much that chair but for only half the price.

    When we move (just two weeks from now!) I’ll finally get to decorate my own home office as well. It’s just too bad that everything is so expensive!

    Congrats and good luck with your new job!

  2. Awesome idea, Annika!! I love ikea and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. We just got back from scouting office chairs. I didn’t buy one yet but have narrowed it down to a couple. I did buy some office supplies and magazine holders. They are black & white with a cool pattern. I’ll have to find other ways to bring in shocks of color.

    You are leaving on your trip soon, right? I bet you are so anxious you can hardly stand the wait.


  3. Congrats on setting out on your own. You’re right about this home office…absolutely adorable. We’re redoing our office/guestroom now. It’s just a mess now, but I have good intentions 🙂

  4. Annika is right they have that cabinet in red, i am almost sure of it. I have a similar white one but red is lovely. Don’t spend much at first but make it comfortable and nice because you are going to spend a lot of time in there. xxx

  5. 5 Katie Lake

    Check this pink desk chair from ikea – waaay cheaper

  6. 6 kikiluv

    Thanks Katie!
    Great find. I love that $19.99 price tag.

  7. Cabinet – not orange, but green:

    Yeah, 3½ weeks left before take-off… woohoo!

  8. Congratulations on taking the plunge, you are going to love working from home. I live the cheerful happy colours of your home office. All my very best wishes.

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