More of the Big Apple.


I took 300 photos in NYC.  Not bad for a 4-day trip. I’m getting better at editing with my eye what would make a good photo…besides I’ve been to NY 4 times now so I didn’t feel the need to take a photo of every single landmark even though I probably did 🙂 just not as many.

Let’s see I last left you on the Staton Island Ferry ride. Mom got to see the Statue of Liberty. I wonder if she thought it was a lot smaller than she expected. I know it was that way for me the first time.

Here’s the famous Shake Shack in Madison Square Park which we didn’t eat at because the line was literally wrapped around the entire park. They are known for their burgers, fries and well, shakes. The link is pretty nifty there as you can see a live camera. Even as I post this there is a freaking line!


You can see from the photo right above the line snaking around. It was sad to arrive and see this line. No fair. Maybe next time when not everyone and their mother is there ;).

The long walk here wasn’t a total loss. Pretty nifty views for the rich folk:

That’s the Empire State Building in the background. Oh and they have their own fenced park to lay about in. Don’t these people have jobs or is everyone here on vacation?

After we looked at the Flat Iron Building which is right on the corner here, we walked an obscene number of blocks to get to Grand Central Station.

I love GCS no matter how many times I go. We sat at a table at Cipriani which allows you to gaze at all of the passerbys. It was so nice to just stop for a moment. I had some very expensive yet yummy crapes and a $9 beer. WTF? Get over yo’self NY!

Leaving GC I saw the reflection in this stone and caputured this shot:

of this building on Park Avenue:

You know I thought I would do a lot of shopping in the city. My mom really loves to shop so I thought we’d bond over that at least but this was as close as I really got to any serious shopping. I’m still shaking my head over that oddity.

This Marc Jacobs outfit is too much fun. Love it. To help wash away the sin of not shopping in NYC we stopped in to St Patrick’s Cathedral. There was some crazy pipe organ playing going on that was a bit scary. It felt a little doomsdayish. A little too The Omen like.

Once we’d had enough doom n gloom we went to Rockefeller Place to the Top of the Rock. For me this was one of the highlights of the trip. The views are Amazing.

That’s Central Park in the middle of all that steel and concrete. What a beauty.

Nothing but blue skies do I see.

Eye level with the Empire State Building.

I just love those view finders. I wish I had one for my house!

I like to call these Dr. Seuss trees. This was back near The Village. We stumbled upon the famous CO Bigelow Apothecary along the way to get the Washington Square Park. We got some crazy ass directions but sometimes getting lost is the best way.

They had tons of make up to try on and perfumes from Italy. I would love to live in this neighborhood. You are within walking distance to Washington Square Park AND Union Square. Totally awesome. I’d live right here:

Right across from my beautiful fantasy land home is the arch at Washington Square Park which was under construction.

time to pause…more later.





One Response to “More of the Big Apple.”

  1. oh fun fun! I’ve never been to the Grand Central Station…maybe next time. I really like that reflection photo!

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