My kind of town.


I just returned from a trip to Manhattan with Mom. It was her first ever visit to the city and she loved it. I got to catch up with old friends and we met lots of lovely people. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Literary Walk, Central Park

My mom and I in front of the Bethesda Fountain. You’ve seen this Central Park spot in many movies such as ANGELS IN AMERICA.

City of the dead. Taxi ride to the LES.


We stayed on E. 3rd St b/t 1st & 2nd Ave. The above were taken nearby.

City street.

Just look at those clouds. I believe this is Rockefeller Center.

My fav shot of my mom. We were on the way to see Dangerous Liaisons with Laura Linney and Ben Daniels. Her first night in Manhattan and first Broadway production. She’s ecstatic.

random mural. fantastic.

Sculpture outside Christie’s auction house. I don’t recall the artist but bidding starts at $1 million dollars! Isn’t she gorgeous?

It was Fleet Week which was cool but also Memorial Day weekend which meant too many tourists. I prefer a slightly less chaotic NYC.


Kai and Adrienne (l) and Mom and me (r) at the Edge, LES bar. They came all the way from Queens to see us.

My best friend in the entire world, Erin, and her bf Peter came too. Strange I thought I had taken a photo of them together but I guess not.

View from the SI ferry. Taking Mom to see Lady Liberty.

I’ll post more later.





4 Responses to “My kind of town.”

  1. what a fun time! I really enjoy NYC and hope to go back at Christmas this year! Your photos tell a great story

  2. 2 laura

    LOVE your NYC pics. I love that mural of a nurse….awesome. You and your mom look like you had fun!

  3. 3 kikiluv

    Erin! I didn’t know you were a realtor. Love your site.


  4. thanks for these photos. i’ve never been to NYC and i’d love to one day. Is this sculpture Botero? He makes things like that.
    Finally, are all your friends beautiful? I’ve yet to see one who isn’t and i have looked through all your flickr photos.

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