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Urban Inspired


I love the furniture at Urban Outfitters right now. Who doesn’t need a coat rack?   Only $68! I’m torn between the two colors.   All about the storage! Too bad this headboard only fits a queen. Great for a guest room.    

“To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.” —Tom Robbins



Just to make it official, I turned in my notice at work this week. After almost eight years with the same company, I’m taking a huge leap and becoming an independent advertising rep for a local magazine. I’ll be working from home which is another big change for me. No more “Good mornings” and “What […]

Wilt proof.


Fun on  

$80 at Pixie Market I don’t love everything at Pixie Market but they have a few really cute pieces. I do LOVE the spring line of Ulla Johnson.   Available at By George in Austin.    

Thanks to Annika for introducing me to this cool flickr toy site which has provided tons of fun on this lazy Saturday afternoon. As you know, I recently returned from a trip with my Mom to NYC. I had the fortune to see my best friend, Erin. She moved almost two years ago to the city to […]

My creation.


I found this meme at Dove mi porta il cuore, and not only did I think it sounded like fun, I also figured that it would help those who are just as visually oriented as myself to get to know me better. (This is verbatim what Annika said on her blog but it was just […]

I took 300 photos in NYC.  Not bad for a 4-day trip. I’m getting better at editing with my eye what would make a good photo…besides I’ve been to NY 4 times now so I didn’t feel the need to take a photo of every single landmark even though I probably did 🙂 just not […]

I just returned from a trip to Manhattan with Mom. It was her first ever visit to the city and she loved it. I got to catch up with old friends and we met lots of lovely people. Here are a few of my favorite photos: Literary Walk, Central Park My mom and I in […]