Help me win $50!


Hey peeps!

So..I entered this collage contest over on Black*Eiffel strickly for fun a while ago never thinking I’d be chosen as a possible winner and low and behold I am a finalist! So go vote for my ass over at Black*Eiffel by leaving a comment about how wonderful my Spring collage is! Haha. The others are so much better than mine but you don’t know them so go vote for me (16). Mamma wants $50 to Antropologie (the prize)!

Mine is Number 16. My collage is above my number. You must sign in using a real name/email on the comments! Anonymous votes will not be counted.

 Contest open until Friday, May 30th at midnight.



3 Responses to “Help me win $50!”

  1. speaking of collages i think you would like this site

  2. i liked your collage and i voted for it. 🙂
    what a great idea!

  3. sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but my computer froze for a second when I hit submit last time, so anyway…

    I’m glad you pointed me to that blog! I really like reading it. I put my vote in for yours. Hope you win and get to shop at the wonderful place that is Anthropologie 🙂

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