Hey Jude…


I just watched Across The Universe last night and I am in love with Jim Sturgess…well, as in love as one can possibly be and still be married ;). He is absolutely the best part of this film besides the amazing score. Thank you, John, George, Ringo and Paul. Across the Universe is a beautiful love story infused with the passion and tension of the turbulent ’60s. It gives you a new way to hear the music of The Beatles, probably the most truthful interpretation of the lyrics. It’s so good. The only tiny drawback was the slightly annoying casting of Evan Rachel Wood as Lucy. She’s especially irritating in the first 10 minutes of the movie but she seems to find her stride the moment her character meets Jude played by Jim Sturgess. Her voice seems to improve too or maybe I just got used to it.

Across the Universe is done the way all musicals should be done. The acting is superb because the music is so amazing. You really don’t have to force things when the writing is this good and the Beatles are absolutely some of the best songwriters to ever grace our world.


One Response to “Hey Jude…”

  1. haven’t seen it yet!
    but i know this feeling, the crush on an actor. Does it ever go away? Maybe at 80.
    Evan Rachel Wood: Ewwwww

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