You can do better.

I have a love/hate relatioship with you, DSW. I love that you have endless pairs of shoes at relatively decent prices for me to browse thru but I hate that you make it so f’ing hard to buy shit.  I hate that you force me to carry around the 5 pairs of shoes AND the new purse I want while I continue to look for the perfect pair of flip flops that are both stylish and comfy. I nearly fall on my face when I visit you as I clumsely attempt to remove my shoes to put a pair of yours on – all while balancing on one foot. Sometimes you force me to walk around barefoot so I don’t kill myself. Thankfully you at least have carpet. You know what would be awesome? a grocery cart. I know you think your jumbo shopping bags are something to shout about but really they aren’t. They are just a pile of nylon that really do nothing but irritate and weigh me down. Dont you want me to spend more money? The way you set yourself up you’d think you were just fine if I purchased just one pair of shoes at a time. Silly, DSW. Get a clue, baby.

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