Lazy Sundays


I love lazy days especially lazy Sundays. This particular Sunday looks like the sky might open up any second with a light shower of rain. I wish it would because then my lazy day would be complete.

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We should get two Sundays in a row dont you think? One Sunday a week really isn’t enough for me. It’s the day where I finally feel relaxed from all of the nonsense I’ve seen the previous 6 days before and I just need this day to go on a bit longer. Maybe I’ll start a petition to extend a week to 8 days to include an additional Sunday. We could call it Sunday2 or maybe we can call it Funday.  Think about it. Friday you are getting off of work knowing your weekend has finally arrived. Looking forward to your Saturday, Sunday and then Funday shows up and you just couldn’t be happier.

Who’s with me on this? All in favor of Funday, say eye!


One Response to “Lazy Sundays”

  1. 1 laurahux

    yay for sundays! fundays are surely around the corner.
    i finally got my own blog started
    still working on design and such, but i got it started.

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