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Hey peeps! So..I entered this collage contest over on Black*Eiffel strickly for fun a while ago never thinking I’d be chosen as a possible winner and low and behold I am a finalist! So go vote for my ass over at Black*Eiffel by leaving a comment about how wonderful my Spring collage is! Haha. The others […]

Hey Jude…


I just watched Across The Universe last night and I am in love with Jim Sturgess…well, as in love as one can possibly be and still be married ;). He is absolutely the best part of this film besides the amazing score. Thank you, John, George, Ringo and Paul. Across the Universe is a beautiful […]

I have a love/hate relatioship with you, DSW. I love that you have endless pairs of shoes at relatively decent prices for me to browse thru but I hate that you make it so f’ing hard to buy shit.  I hate that you force me to carry around the 5 pairs of shoes AND the new […]

Whitney sucks.

love her


the new face of Chanel

Slowly getting better healthwise..I think. Sickness lingers naggingly at my chest. This can’t go on much longer. I am willing it to end. I helped with my friend’s baby shower this weekend. Surprised at how calmly I handled her slightly neurotic mother. Nice to glimpse someone else’s mom behaving badly for once 😉    All […]

Happy Mother’s Day   photo credit: Capn Madd Matt (flickr)