Giving thanks.


My DH called me this morning while I was at work something he rarely does because he is usually very busy. When he does call, sometimes I worry something bad has happened. Not to fret he only called to see if I wanted to have lunch with him. Again, I worried a tiny bit. What’s really up here? I’m sure he laughed wondering if he could be allowed to do something nice. After he assured me there was nothing he had “to tell me” (you know those discussions, girls? the ones that involve a bit of buttering up first before they say they bought the new star wars figure for a gazillion dollars instead of putting that money towards a new dishwasher) and that he just wanted to have lunch with me. He knows I have had a few bad days because I am beyond ready to leave my job and admittedly I’ve been pretty depressed. He thought it would make me feel better and for once he has some time to spare to drive all the way over to my side of town for a lunch get together.

Cue the awes now.


One Response to “Giving thanks.”

  1. awwwwwww…

    that’s awesome!

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