The problem with re-makes is they suck.


I just learned about the updating of the Sweet Valley High series of books. I used to devour  SVH in junior high. I remember finishing a book in hours wondering what would happen to Jessica and Bruce in the next installment and running to the mall bookstore (yeah they used to be in malls – no Barnes and Noble) to find out. Turns out they got skinner and better clothes.

Here is a look at the original covers:


The skinner, better dressed version:

Personally, I love the old ones. Maybe I’m just nostalgic. I used to pretend I was Elizabeth (the smart one) and I would wear simple clothes and barrettes in my hair on the sides. I also thought she was the prettier one in her understated ways.

You can check out this article in nymag about the new release of the series. It’s pretty funny.



One Response to “The problem with re-makes is they suck.”

  1. Ha! Great title. I didn’t read SVH too much when I was younger. But, I was all over Ramona Quimby! ha ha

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