My newest obsession.


Or possibly the lamest.

Every morning I watch the show It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet with dog trainer Victoria Stillwell. I love her. She does wonders with these badly behaving pets. To be honest, it’s really the owners who need most of the training.

Set in England, the show offers a glimpse at brits in their own backyard. Her tips are easy to follow and it is amazing to see how quickly a little bit of work with each animal makes enourmous difference in a little bit of time. I’ve even used them on my own dog and he is so obedient. Not that he was a bad boy but all pets need correction from time to time.


One Response to “My newest obsession.”

  1. yeah she is great with dogs my dog are good so i dont need to use her training but i’m lookinh to get a bull terrior so i will!

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