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spring fling


“Simply change your life. The world is what you think of it. So think of it differently and your life will change.” A quote by Paul Arden, from his book, Whatever You Think, Think Opposite.

She is Elin from Sweden. So pretty. I really like her style. I’m just discovering her blog and from the looks it’s like a fashion daily diary. Some of it is written in Swedish and some in English (thankfully). I’ve always wanted to go platinum like her but I just know my hair would fall out. […]

I love this kitchen. You can find similar countertops at Ikea. See photo I took at our local store: They are really cheap because they are laminates but I worry that they look cheap or may not last. I definitely want a sink like this one: Before we can do any of the big stuff […] You don’t have to sign up for anything – just a click of a button. It’s pretty clever if I don’t say so myself.  

Tim Gunn of Project Runway was in town tonight promoting the new Liz Claireborne line, his book, the show and just Tim. I lucked out and got a free seat at the event tonight held at Dillards. Tim was so deliteful just like you would expect him to be. There doesn’t appear to be a […]

Giving thanks.


My DH called me this morning while I was at work something he rarely does because he is usually very busy. When he does call, sometimes I worry something bad has happened. Not to fret he only called to see if I wanted to have lunch with him. Again, I worried a tiny bit. What’s really […]

James Perse pocket tank on – $195.00 Summer chic! I have a wedding to go to in June or some ridiculously hot month like that this summer. Who does that in Texas? Nuts. Anyway, I think this is perfect.

Taken on my recent trip to Round Top. Loved the table but can’t believe I missed the cute cannisters sitting on top. I really could use a tightly sealed set. Oh, how I want a new kitchen.