You may have noticed


the new title to my blog. I realize that I have a lot of obessions travel being just one of them. It makes sense to me and hopefully to you. If it does nothing more than allow me to feel comfortable about the subjects I post about, then I’m good.

No need to put yourself in a tiny little box.

A side note:

Why can’t you change the font size in wordpress? It’s maddening. <—-that would be much bigger if I could make it so!


2 Responses to “You may have noticed”

  1. you can but you have to pay for css i think it’s something around 10 dollars per year but i am not sure and to be honest i don’t think it’s worth it. xx

  2. 2 kikiluv

    Hmm. Okay. Pretty silly since all they’d have to do was make another button.

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