Dreaming of the house I’ll have one day.


I hope it’s soon. We’ve lived at our little humble abode for 8 years or so and we’ve not done much to improve it except for install central air conditioning. That we did straight away because who could dream of living without it in this Texas heat. That’s where the updates end. The end. Still no dishwasher. My delicate hands are the tools of the trade. Each year that goes by I have quarterly melt downs about it threatening to boot out the husband if this is not the year we finally get one. I’m thinking this is the year it will happen and if not it will be over his dead body ;0.

We need serious renovations. The kind that involve demolition and new construction with Big time expenses to follow. This needs to be the year we move forward rather than dwelling in one half of the house.

Here are some things that would be just lovely once all the construction is completed or started 😉 is probably more accurate.


This series of photos taken from the cool blog, http://www.sfgirlbybay.blogspot.com/. I love the color of the Keep Calm poster. It reminds me of sunny days and Italian villas. It’s the color I think we might use on the exterior of the house when that special day comes. Do you like it? I remember taking a class early on in college and one of the assignments was to describe your dream home. Obviously, it had a lasting impression on me since it was so long ago. It was so exciting being 19/20 years of age and invisioning something that could one day come true. I wish I still had the paper. I remember writing about an all white home with lots of windows for natural light. The photo above seems reminiscient of those youthful dreams.


2 Responses to “Dreaming of the house I’ll have one day.”

  1. this is one of my favourite interiors blog. A house is an ongoing project. You can still have your youthful dreams (who had great taste in their teens? Not I)

  2. 2 kikiluv

    My taste has always be excellent and expensive 😉

    so good to see your face here.

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