March Madness


And no, I’m not talking about the current NCAA Basketball tournament going on right now. Although, I would like to give a shout out to my boys, the Texas Longhorns, who thoroughly kicked Standford’s butt last night. Sweet jesus. Love my ‘horns. Onto the Elite 8 or as some dumbass announcer on CBS called it the Final 8. I was like did he just say “final 8”? It’s the elite 8 and the final 4 you moron. Seriously, how do some people get their jobs?

Anyway…I did me a little shopping today. Thank goodness for returns b/c they allowed me to have a little fun at the good old m-a-l-l today. I went to Highland Mall which is the near the casa and boy, it has gone down hill in a serious way. All the good stores have moved out. It’s kinda the ghetto mall now. Before Barton Creek moved in it was the mall to hit and now not so much. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Banana Republic had split. They were probably like “We’re so outta gangstaville” and closed shop. Oh well. It’s still the only mall in town with a Forever 21. Love love love the F21. My husband jokes around and calls it Forever Too Old To Shop here. There are a lot of us that shop there and probably shouldn’t but they have some cute ass clothes if you look real hard. There is tons of crap but then you can find some hidden gems. Anywho…I took my camera with me today because I’m that lame and documented my F21 experience. Check it:

The pink top reminds me of this vintage bed jacket I have but never wear because well it’s literally a bed jacket. The 2nd picture (white top) was cuter on than it photographed I think and it would look better if it were hemmed a little shorter. Here is where knowing how to sew would come in extra handy. Note to self: learn to sew. And the other one on the bottom I just couldn’t resist. It’s silk w/ these fluttery sleaves and the back is really cool.

They had it in grey too but I went with the white. The hem of the grey one was all jacked up and I didn’t feel like trying to get another one so the white won. But you know, why do they have to put those honking huge security tags on the most delicate part of the garmet? Where it messes it all up or stretches it out or damages the fabric? Think people! So then there is the ruffley one that has satin like finishing on the hem. Pretty cute and $19 = winner.

You know what else peeves me about my beloved F21? Lack of places to hang your clothes!! They allow a max. of 6 garments in the changing room but they only have two hooks. Two hooks sound sufficient to hold 6 items but not when they are right next to each other and not when the store uses bulky wooden hangers and of course everything falls off of them. Aye chingow! And not when there is no place to put your purse or the clothes you had on when you walked in the joint. If you think I’m putting my stuff down on that filthy floor of yours, you’re crazy! Get a clue 21 or at least some extra freaking hooks!

Onto the rest of the bunch…for only $10 buck-er-roos I picked up this little sundress but I’m having second thoughts looking at the pictures. But it was only $10. Again, cuter on in my head than when now looking at the pics.

Damn my legs haven’t seen the sun in a long time. Eck!

These didn’t quite make the cut:

The blue one was a great color but just not the right shape for me. The 2nd ivory number I wanted so bad and found my size and everything and then when I took off to put in my yes pile I heard something hit the floor and sure enough one of the buttons had fallen off. Crap! And that was the last one they had in my size. I love that Victorian look. The other one was just blah. Cute on the hanger but not on me.

The end.

Oh wait! I also went to Sephora. Another return! Yeah for me. They take back anything and I love them for it. My skin is  over reactive – like a 13 year old girl who didn’t make cheerleader. Everything it seems causes irritation. So I took back my products I haven’t used in a month or two and got some pretty lip gloss instead! **update** Had to come back and post about the gloss/lip balm (balm) I picked up today. It’s by Korres which is a line from Greece. It’s so moisturizing. And it makes me think of my girl, Chloe.

I feel complete now.



3 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. Super cute purchases lady! You know…i haven’t been in F21 in…gosh…years. I checked out the website and think i’m gonna have to invest in some of the empire waist dresses! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. yep. I’m right there with you about F21! Luckily (for my wallet) I’ve never lived close to one though 🙂

    *glad to you know you’ve been the “anonymous” in my comments! 🙂

  3. as Chandler would say “Could you look MORE beautiful?” I love all the things you chose to try on and especially the white dress and the 2nd ivory number. You got Korres! I am going to send you some of their stuff and some of their rival company (i used to work for them). xx

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