I’ll never ebay or paypal AGAIN.


Maybe I’m the moron in this situation but I feel so taken advantage of that I can’t see strait.

Let me explain, in February, I purchased two tickets to New York on JETBLUE.com for my mother and I. We’ve never been extremely close but this Christmas I thought I’d make a unique attempt at reconnecting by buying my mom a amex gift card and 3 travel books (NYC, Chicago and Boston) so that we could go on a trip together..her choice. We haven’t done anything that is just the two of us since I was about 16 years old. She was overwhelmed by the gesture and very excited about visiting one of these cities for the first time with me. She picked NY and we’ve been planning ever since. Like I said, in Feb. I bought the tickets after lots of research on air fares – you know me. Before I bought the tickets, I stumbled upon some travel gift cards being sold on Ebay for less than their value. Again, maybe I’m a blind idiot, but it all seemed very legit. I’ve seen stuff that this sold a zillion times. I purchased using the BUY NOW feature and the seller, Michael, at least that is the name he gave me sold me two $200 jet blue vouchers/gift cards for $340. I decided to go for it as it would save me $60 off my ticket. I used paypal because I thought it would be the safest way to make the eBay purchase. They go on and about how safe they are and your protected – blah blah blah..yeah well not really. So this guy on eBay sells me the vouchers and emails the codes right away. Again, all seemed legit. The seller had all sorts of positive feedback and he told me they had to change airlines at a recent convention so they had these leftover. Fast-forward to my jetblue purchase on line which ACCEPTED my transaction and the gift cards. I got my confirmations for our flight by email. Alls well. Until Friday. I get a call at work from some chick at jet blue who tells me “I’m calling because the gift cards you used are not valid and I need to get another form of payment in order to complete your reservation.” Say what!!!!!!!! She tells me that they were stolen and asks me if I bought them on line. I told her yes and where I got them. She says, “I’m sorry but they were stolen and are no longer valid.” Of course, I’m freaking out here. I couldn’t even think. I asked for her manager because this is obviously some fucking mistake, right!? She passes me to Dustin who tells me the same shit. He tells me how they advise against buying travel cards from a third party. Well fuck me. I still don’t understand how in the hell they weren’t stolen when I punched my happy little numbers while paying for the tickets in February. How the hell is that? I’m told that they were “valid then but not anymore”. Are you joking? Still don’t get it. How the hell does it take you 30 days post purchase to figure that out. Why did they even work in the first place? I feel suspicious of even jet blue! Wouldn’t this be a lovely little scam of their own. How could you even protest it?

So, to wrap this horrible story up I tried contacting the seller to no avail – big surprise. I notified ebay by the ridiculous methods they require which took me about 30 minutes just to figure out on the site. I notified pay pal – same shit. And I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge.

I’ve yet to hear from ebay. Pay pal had the audacity to respond within 30 seconds to my submittal saying they weren’t responsible for the condition or validity of what I purchased. The only decency I’ve received has been my credit card company. It all makes me sick. If this doesn’t go my way, I’m out nearly $800.  For me that is a huge amount of money and completely spoils my trip. I haven’t even told my mom because I don’t want her to know. I suppose I’ll have to fess up at some point. She’ll begin to wonder why I only order water and eat the bread when we stop for dinner.

I hope that karma comes back and bites this guy smack in the arse.


One Response to “I’ll never ebay or paypal AGAIN.”

  1. that sucks! how is this possible? and this seller on ebay is still there selling stuff with positive feedback. i hope your credit card gives you your money back or at least some of it. Is there nothing we can do about it? Did you write to ebay directly telling them about this seller? Please ask for a written statement from jetblue and send it to ebay. this is a shame. x

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