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Read books online for free? Yes, m’am! Check this new link I stumbled upon today. It’s called Read Print. It’s an online library which houses a ton of classic novels. Did I mention that it’s FREE 🙂 I plan to take on Chapter one of a Jane Austen book, Persuasion. So cool. I love Stumble […]

the new title to my blog. I realize that I have a lot of obessions travel being just one of them. It makes sense to me and hopefully to you. If it does nothing more than allow me to feel comfortable about the subjects I post about, then I’m good. No need to put yourself […]

Cool finds.


I love this dress from ASOS. And this one from Heidi Merrick.

I hope it’s soon. We’ve lived at our little humble abode for 8 years or so and we’ve not done much to improve it except for install central air conditioning. That we did straight away because who could dream of living without it in this Texas heat. That’s where the updates end. The end. Still […]

March Madness


And no, I’m not talking about the current NCAA Basketball tournament going on right now. Although, I would like to give a shout out to my boys, the Texas Longhorns, who thoroughly kicked Standford’s butt last night. Sweet jesus. Love my ‘horns. Onto the Elite 8 or as some dumbass announcer on CBS called it […]

I got a new do today. Not sure if I love it or not.  At first, I thought I did which is unusal for me. It typically takes a while for even the slightest new cut to settle into the liking it phase. This time it was opposite – loved it and since I’ve gotten […]

Maybe I’m the moron in this situation but I feel so taken advantage of that I can’t see strait. Let me explain, in February, I purchased two tickets to New York on for my mother and I. We’ve never been extremely close but this Christmas I thought I’d make a unique attempt at reconnecting […]