Who let the fanboy hijack LOST?


Did any one watch LOST tonight? Am I the only one who thought they had done something horribly wrong to their television? For a minute (ok, several) I thought I had turned on that annoying pop up on the bottom of the tv screen that felt the need to explain every minute detail of previous episodes. It’s bad enough when they do those “catch up” episodes every season but this was too much. Perhaps if they didn’t try and milk every last advertiser dime with reruns, allowing the studio to wait months on end to complete a season, we wouldn’t need to be reminded of what happened the last time the show was on – you know, like a year ago. And listen, I know as well as anyone that we are in the middle of a writer’s strike but come on! Did they find some hacker off the street to write the scrolling narrative? Jeez. Are we truly the idiotic masses that need to be spoon fed the missing pieces? I suppose we are just that.


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