My next door neighbors house caught fire tonight. I watched from my own living room the flames grow higher and higher threatening to visit me more personally. I could feel the heat from the flames even though I was safely inside my own house. Well, I wasn’t sure if I was safe or if I should get the hell out. It was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever faced. All those stop, drop and roll lessons you learn as a kid don’t prepare you for the real thing. I do suggest that you plan an escape route and best do it blindfolded because you really may not be able to see a thing. The black smoke came very quickly and you couldn’t even see there was a house there any more.

Thankfully nobody was hurt. The neighbors had bought the house a few months ago and had been remodeling and were a couple of weeks away from completing the renovation. They had just gone out to dinner. Most everything they had is likely gone. Standing at my own door when my husband asked me to grab a few things just in case – things that I would want not leave behind. I could barely think. I grabbed a photo of myself and my grandpa off the fridge and and old photo of my grandparents as newlyweds and that was about it. We had already gotten the pets out safely. What more is there?

The fire department believes the fire started in the fireplace. Yeah, that is what I said. The place that is supposed to be safe to burn fires caught fire. F*ing insane.


2 Responses to “Fire.”

  1. 1 Laura

    i’m glad you are ok. must have been terrifying.

  2. thank god you are safe Kiki, you and your husband and your pet. How awful and scary that must have been. Where are these people going to go now? I can’t begin to imagine the heartache of losing your home.
    You saved just a couple of photos, you are my kind of person.

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