Photo Cat Sunday


I know this is a little blurry but I just love her face here.

More Photo Cat Sunday fun.

This photo was edited with fotoflexer, a new photo editing toy I found that is also free & web-based. It allows you to connect with flickr. I’ve been using flickr for free and with this picture I’ve entered into unchartered waters. It seems I have uploaded my 200th photo which is the limit for the free account. So either I have to upgrade to the pro version which is $24.95/year or I have to delete some photos or some will remain hidden. Do any of you out there have the pro account and what do you think of it? Is it worth the money?


One Response to “Photo Cat Sunday”

  1. i have the pro account and i will always will unless i become so poor i won’t have food on the table.
    if you take pictures all the time and want to save them somewhere so that your friends and / or relatives may see them, or if you want to experiment with stuff, go ahead and buy it.
    But if you forget your camera at home all the time, then don’t, and buy a nice interior design book instead (i am full of solutions on how to spend unwanted money).

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